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Client Testimonials


A great success story from one  of our amazing clients!

Corcoran’s Boxing and Fitness Center  


I have been to plenty of gyms in my life, but Corcoran’s Boxing and Fitness Center was by far my favorite one. Jay and Elysia are two absolutely amazing Trainor’s, but even better people. They are extremely welcoming, judgment free, and create an amazing environment for working out. Not only do they know how to put someone through an extremely tough and tiring workout, but they always seem to have made it fun and enjoyable for me as well. They are happy to help anyone, regardless of where they are starting, with whatever their fitness goal may be. They are great at tailoring workouts to different fitness levels, whether you’re a beginner or have been working out for a long time. They are so knowledgeable about nutrition, fitness, and exercise, and keep up to date with all of the new news coming out. Jay, being a professional boxer, is also extremely knowledgeable about boxing and teaches you something new each session. He is an unbelievable coach. It is easy to tell that this is not really “work” for Jay and Elysia, as their club is non-for-profit and they do it because they really love making change in others’ lives, and love being inspirations and role models to people trying to achieve their fitness goals. They know how to push you, support you, and encourage you so that you can reach your goals. They played an instrumental role in helping me lose 50 pounds in the four months that I was home from school in the summer. Not only did they help me in the gym, but jay texted me almost every day asking how I was feeling, reminding me to keep up with my diet, sending me workouts to do on days I couldn’t make it to the gym, and so on. This showed me just how much Jay and Elysia cared about helping me achieve my goals, just as they do with every one of their clients. Now that I am back at school, Jay texts me every few days to see how I’m doing with my diet and workouts. The care they have for their clients is simply amazing. This boxing club and fitness center is amazing for personal training, group training, boxing, or anything else workout related. They also have an extremely cool and tough obstacle course in the back yard, which I have tried a few times and absolutely loved! It is perfect to go in and try for a fun challenge, for parties, team building, competitions, etc. If you’re looking to try out a new sport, lose weight, lean out, gain muscle, or anything else, I strongly recommend Corcoran’s Boxing Club and Fitness Center.  


"I have been working with a personal trainer

Jay Corcoran

and I have lost 22 pounds in just over a month and now I can steal mandys clothes lol"- Steve.

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