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Read through our class descriptions (scroll down on this page) to determine which one to join. Not sure? Ask us!

About Us.

Learn more about our club and what we do! We are MORE than just boxing.


Register and book classes online.


For personal/private training, sports team training, small group training, obstacle course . Email or phone.



  • MIXED LEVEL Boxing (4X)week.

- Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30 pm and Sat 10:00 am
- suitable for beginners and those interested in boxing recreationally (not competing) .
- This class is also suitable for more advanced members, either working toward competing or wanting to spar ( class will be split up as needed).

-This membership is focused on learning the basics, improving off of the fundamentals and geared more towards the technical aspect of boxing and of course, a great workout.
- Sparring optional.

  • Youth Boxing 

- Wed at 5:30 PM & Sat 10:00 am.

-Ages 7-11 years old 

-Session based

- Suitable for beginners

- Class is split based on ability, so those repeating program will progress

- Learn the foundations of the sport, and build techniques upon the basics.

-Age appropriate, sport specific fitness conditioning

  • Competitive/Advanced class (membership based).

  -1.5 hours in length

- Mon, Wed and Fri 6:30 pm and Sat 10:00 am (runs the same time as mixed-level)
- ONLY for those who are committed to competitive boxing.
-This requires both athletes to be both mentally and physically capable.
- Mixed age, co-ed.

- Will need to agree to competitive terms which involves volunteering and helping the club.

- Must agree to terms & conditions and competitive contract surrounding committment to the sport. 


Memberships and Prices:
- New members will be required to commit to a 3-month membership
- Registration is online
- Once registered, payment will come out once per month automatically.
- If paying cash or e transfer, you must pay 3 months up front.
- Boxing : $110/month- plus Boxing Ontario membership fee- competitive or sparring/non-competitive rate


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